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Process deployment (Legacy, non-environment)

Deployment is the means by which you move your processes and deployable components into a runtime environment.

The Deploy page is a control panel for your process, process route, processing group, API, public X.509 certificate, flow service, and custom library components, as well as integration packs. You can select the Atoms on which components will run or be hosted, and identify the required versions of those components.

  • After you build and test a component, you need to attach and deploy it to an Atom to run it in production mode. A single component can be deployed to multiple Atoms and a single Atom can host many deployed components.

  • If environments are enabled in your account, you can attach and deploy components to a specific environment. You can attach and deploy components to a test environment first, and then move them to a production environment.

  • The release of integration packs, which consist of one or more components, is performed in a master account. After an integration pack is released, you can share it with selected account groups. To use a component that is packaged in an integration pack, users must first install the integration pack and then attach it to an Atom. Both installation and attachment are performed on the Deploy page. A single integration pack can be attached to multiple Atoms.

NOTE: For Environment-enabled accounts, the Deploy menu provides access to an enhanced deployment workflow.

Deployed process components do not have any of the data volume limitations of Test Mode and can execute automatically according to their configured schedules. Connections that are contained within deployed processes do count toward your Boomi Integration subscription.

Deploying a component creates a new deployment version of that component, which enables you to perform change management of your integrations. You can configure and test changes and enhancements to your components without affecting the versions that are running in production. When you are satisfied with the changes, you simply deploy a new version and it updates the configuration running in the Atom.

You can roll back deployments. Because every deployment version is tracked, you can redeploy a previous version if you need to roll back a change that was made. For example, if you deployed an enhancement that broke a process component, you could quickly redeploy the previous version to get it running again while you troubleshoot the problem in Test Mode.

When a parent process component is deployed, all of its subprocesses are also deployed. However, if you deploy a subprocess but do not deploy its parent process, the parent process does not pick up the changes to the subprocess. Whenever you make a change to a child process you need to redeploy its parent process.

If your process includes Process Route steps, you need to deploy the Process Route component and all of its subprocesses independently.

Although an API component and a Flow Service component have linked process components, when you deploy the API or Flow Service component it does not directly include those linked process components. Deployed API and Flow Service components invoke the currently deployed versions of the linked process components.

NOTE: To use API components, API Management must be enabled in your account.

To use Flow Service components, the Services Enablement feature must be enabled in your account.

If you work with a large number of processes, have child or common components that change frequently, or use processes that a partner updates and shares with clients, you might want to deploy or redeploy many processes at the same time. You can use the Deploy page to manage multiple components. In the Deploy page’s components list you can search for, filter, select, and deploy multiple components to an Atom. If you are using environments, you can attach multiple components to an environment and deploy them.

NOTE: You can use Boomi Mobile Manage on your mobile device to deploy processes. Boomi Mobile Manage is available at
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