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Integration packs

Integration packs are packaged integration solutions. An integration pack consists of one or more packaged processes or API components that are ready for installation by users of managed accounts.

Packages that have been marked as shareable can be added to an integration pack. Integration packs can contain up to 100 shareable packages.

NOTE: For Legacy deployment, an integration pack consists of published processes and API components.
NOTE: Integration pack management and multi-install integration packs are optional Dell Boomi Integration account features. Multi-install integration packs cannot be enabled unless integration pack management is also enabled. These features are intended for use by partners and third-party developers. If this is of interest, contact your Dell Boomi representative.

Integration packs are intended for partners and third-party developers who want to offer a packaged integration solution to their end users. Common examples include:

  • SaaS application providers who offer pre-integrated solutions with their common integration touch points.

  • Systems integrators who “productize” their integration knowledge and streamline customer implementations.

As a user of a master account, if your role includes the Integration Pack privilege, you can:

  • Develop and manage integration packs on the Integration Packs page (Manage > Integration Packs).

  • Define extensions to enable end users to customize their integration pack components. For example, you can configure an integration pack to allow multiple installs to use the same process with different extension values.

As a user of integration packs, you can install an integration pack, attach Atoms or environments to it, and then schedule process executions.

NOTE: The following components cannot be made available to managed accounts as part of an integration pack:
  • Process Route components

  • Processes that contain Process Route components

  • Certificate components

  • Custom Library components

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