Dell Boomi AtomSphere

How to Use This Reference Guide

Here are some brief instructions on how to use the AtomSphere Reference Guide.

How to Search

The panel to the left contains the keyword search field and the browsable table of contents. When you enter a search, search results replace the table of contents. To return from the search results list to the table of contents, click the Table of Contents icon .

To enter a search, type a word or words in the search field, and then press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon. Optionally include one or more of the advanced search operators AND, OR, NOT and NEAR. You can also perform advanced searches by adding an asterisk to part of a word or by surrounding a phrase in double quotation marks.

After you enter a search you see:

  • The number of results

  • The words you searched for

  • The topics that contain those words

  • The results in context, with the words you searched for in bold

After you select one of the topics, it opens in the right pane. The words you searched for are highlighted in the right pane.

About the Table of Contents

These are the top-level topics in the table of contents:


These tools are available at the top of the right pane:

Name Description
Toggle highlighting

Turn off or turn on the highlighting of search results.

Toggle navigation

Hide or show the panel that contains the table of contents and search results.

Print topic

Print the current topic.

Print topic and subtopics

Print the current topic and all of its subtopics.

Other Ways to Get Help

  • In the application, click the Help & Feedback menu in the upper right and select Support & Community. Log into the Customer Portal with your Dell Boomi credentials, then go to the Answers tab.

  • In the application, click the Help & Feedback menu in the upper right and select Feedback.

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