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Coupa connector

The Coupa connector enables you to move data into and out of Coupa and integrate any on-premise applications and legacy systems with Coupa.

You can use this connector and integrate Coupa with other On Demand or SaaS-based applications such as Intacct, Salesforce, SmartTurn, etc.

Integrating with Coupa involves sending XML request/response setup over an HTTPS connection. The Coupa XML schema is imported through a wizard that will generate XML profiles based from a predefined schema. The technical details of this connection such as request headers, error handling, HTTPS connection, etc. are all abstracted to simplify the implementation.

Connector configuration

To configure a connector to communicate with Coupa, set up two components:

  • Coupa Connection

  • Coupa Operation

This design provides reusable components, which contain connection settings such as the URL and the token. After building your connection and connector operation, set up your connector within a process. When your connector is configured properly within your process, Dell Boomi Integration can map to and from virtually any system using the Coupa connector to retrieve data from or send data to the Coupa application.

Supported editions

The connector supports the Coupa API version 20. For more information, see the linked resources.


To implement a connection to your Coupa account, have your Coupa API URL and Coupa API key available.

Tracked properties

This connector has no pre-defined tracked properties. See the topic Adding tracked fields to a connector operation to learn how to add a custom tracked field.

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