Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Process building

The process is the central component within Dell Boomi Integration.

When using Boomi Integration, you can:

  • Use an inbound connector to retrieve data from one source. The source can be an on-premise or web application, or a data source such as disk, mail, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or database.

  • Perform various actions on that data by using execute shapes, logic shapes, maps, and map functions.

  • Use an outbound connector to send data to one or more destinations. The destination(s) can be an application or a data source such as disk, mail, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or database.

The steps described above are contained in a component that is called a process.

A process is a graphical representation of the path that a document takes from the point at which it is received or retrieved to the point at which it is sent to one or more destinations.

In the image below, a process is open on the Build page. The process contains a series of shapes on the canvas.

The process Salesforce Orders is open on the Build page. The process’ series of shapes is visible on the canvas.

If you open a process that is too large to view in its entirety, a navigation palette opens on the canvas automatically.

Every process shape represents a task that can be performed on a set of documents. There are three types of shapes:

  • Execute shapes manipulate or transform the data

  • Logic shapes control the flow of data through the process

  • Connect shapes get data into the process or send data out of the process

The shapes are contained in a palette to the right of the process canvas.  They are grouped under the Connectors, Execute, and Logic headings.

You can add shapes to the process canvas and connect them. By connecting shapes you control how the data flows within the process. Each shape within the process performs a specific task on the data that is given, and in turn can place transformed data back into the process to be manipulated by other shapes further down the path.

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