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Microsoft Azure SQL Database connector

The Microsoft Azure SQL Database connector makes it easy to work with Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

This connector pre-configures the Database connector with the necessary settings to simplify building relational queries against structured data stored in the Azure SQL Database. As a result, execution information on process reporting, execution history on the Start Shape, the process log, as well as licensing information, shows the connection as Database rather than Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

Connector configuration

To configure a connector to communicate with Azure, set up two components:

  • Azure SQL Database connection

  • Azure SQL Database operation

This approach creates reusable components which contain connection settings and operation settings (such as Object, Action, data definitions). After building your connection and operation, set up your Azure SQL Database connector within a process. When the process is defined properly, AtomSphere can map to and from virtually any system using this connector to retrieve data from or send data to the Microsoft Azure SQL Database.


The Microsoft Azure SQL Database connector requires the following:
  • Microsoft Azure Database connection information, including server host/IP address and port, user name, and password. The user name and password configured on the database must have sufficient permissions to access the objects required by the integration. For more information, refer to the documentation for your database.

  • If you use local Atoms, put the Microsoft SQL Server Driver (Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.1 for SQL Server for the Java 7 JDK, or Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.2 for SQL Server for the Java 8 JDK) in the <installation_directory>/userlib/database directory. You can do that in one of two ways:

    • Upload the JAR file into your AtomSphere account library (Setup > Account Libraries), add that file to a Custom Library component, and deploy the component to the appropriate Atom, Molecule, Atom Cloud (including the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud), or environment.

      For JAR files that support a connector, you create a Custom Library component with a type of Connector and select a connector type — in this case, Database. When you deploy the component, the JAR files that it references are deployed to the /<installation_directory>/userlib/database directory. If the userlib/database directory does not exist, AtomSphere creates it.

    • Load the JAR file manually into the appropriate directory of a local Atom, Molecule, or private Atom Cloud. After you load the JAR files, a restart is required. If the userlib/database directory does not exist, you must create it.

  • If you use a Dell Boomi Atom Cloud to connect to the Azure SQL Database, the SQL Server JDBC driver (sqljdbc4.jar) is installed for you.

The Microsoft Azure SQL Database connector uses the same driver as SQL Server. Drivers for local Atoms are not included. You can download the drivers from the Microsoft, Download Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server page.

Tracked properties

The Azure SQL Database connector has no tracked properties.

Additional resources

To download the Microsoft driver, go to Microsoft's download center.
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