Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Release notes for 17 Nov 2018

The following list shows new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the November 2018 release.

Subject to the terms and conditions of our existing contract with your firm, and liability provisions and limits therein, we confirm that Boomi has successfully passed all applicable test cases associated with the updates identified in this product release.

Learn more about the new features and enhancements in the November Release Highlights blog post in the Dell Boomi Community.

NOTE: Dell Boomi is committed to modernizing its integration platform to ensure ongoing reliability, performance, and scalability. As part of this effort, the Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform was migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) on September 8, 2018. Platform migration was Phase 1 of a plan to move the Dell Boomi infrastructure to a more flexible and scalable hosting environment. Migration of the Dell Boomi Atom Clouds will occur in subsequent phases through early 2019.

To learn more about the transition plans, see the Dell Boomi's Planned Improvements to its Hosting Environment article in the Community. For an updated list of IP addresses for the Dell Boomi platform, see Hostnames and IP addresses for connecting with Dell Boomi.

Release notes for the 12 months preceding the current release are archived.

NOTE: The following connectors, formerly Tech Previews, are Generally Available for production use with this release:

Although the functionality for each of these connectors is available for general use with this release, removal of the Tech Preview label will not take effect on the AtomSphere platform until the January 2019 release.

Issue summary

NOTE: The “Usable in RC?” column indicates whether individual features, enhancements, and fixes are usable during the Release Control window before final release. Atom and connector updates are included in Release Control and usable, but neither the AtomSphere platform nor Dell Boomi browse Atoms are updated until the actual release. Therefore, until the actual release:
  • You cannot use Atom and connector enhancements and fixes with companion platform changes.

  • You cannot use connector enhancements and fixes with browse changes for connectors that support browsing only through a Dell Boomi Atom Cloud.

New features

AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
Atom, Platform 26821NoAdd the Remove From Cache shape.

For more information, see Remove From Cache shape.

Platform, X12 trading partner 28734NoAdd outbound X12 validation options.

For more information, see Outbound EDI document validation.

NOTE: EDI processes may result in errors when using EDI connectors with more than one outbound communication channel. This issue is present in the November 2018 release. Dell Boomi has fixed this issue in version 18.11.2 for all EDI connectors except the X12 connector, which uses fix version 18.12.5. You can request these versions from Support, if needed. This issue will be resolved automatically as part of the next scheduled release under ID 30529.
Shopify connector28780YesAdd support for connection testing, and http and https validation for the connection’s Store Base URL field.

For more information, see Shopify connection.


AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
Atom Installers24605NoThe Atom, Molecule, and Atom Cloud installers and updaters and the Dell Boomi Atom Clouds are modified to use Java 1.8.0_181.
NOTE: If you use JavaScript in custom scripting in processes executing on Atoms using Java 1.8.0_181, you might experience errors related to the format of the Date object. A workaround exists for this issue. For more information, see the Java 8 (1.8u181) - Known Issues article in the Dell Boomi Community.
Atom, Platform 28959NoProvide access to the Atom name runtime execution property in processes.

For more information, see Execution properties.

Platform 10215NoAdd the capability to map JSON documents to multi-part form data MIME output documents using the Data Process shape.

For more information, see Data Process shape

Platform 15112NoAdd the capability to map multi-part form data MIME documents to JSON output documents using the Data Process shape.

For more information, see Data Process shape

Platform 20514NoAdd the capability to download process logs in Test mode.

For more information, see Viewing a process log in test mode.

Platform 27199NoDisplay recently used Atoms in the Atom chooser for the duration of the user session.
Platform 27626NoAdd the capability to configure custom or predefined MIME properties on process shapes used to get and set properties.

For more information, see MIME properties

Platform 27805NoAdd the CONTRL message type template for all supported EDIFACT versions.

For more information, see Adding version and message type information to an EDI profile.

Platform 28130NoAdd an audit log entry when a user enables or disables two-factor authentication (2FA), or when a user changes their password.

Add an audit log entry when an administrator makes the following changes to an account:

  • A tracked field is added, modified, or removed.
  • CORS settings, SSO User Federation IDs, or password policies are modified.
  • The account-level 2FA, session concurrency, or session lock and termination features are enabled or disabled.
  • SSO or account usage agreement features are enabled, disabled, or modified.

Add an audit log entry when an administrator creates or deletes an account group, or adds to or removes from an account group one of the following resources:

  • role
  • connector
  • Atom Cloud
  • integration pack
  • published component

For more information, see:

Platform 28658NoProvide access to a component’s XML from the Revision History dialog.

For more information, see Viewing the XML for a component.

Platform 29219NoUpdate the default file names for exported cross reference tables, licensing data, and Process Reporting results.

For more information, see:

Platform, Custom trading partner 26740NoAdd fields to trading partner document reporting.

For more information, see Trading partner results table.

AtomSphere API and Partner API 27843NoEnable the Execution Record object’s nodeId field to be used as a query filter.

For more information, see Execution Record object.

AtomSphere API and Partner API 28788NoAdd the API Type as a field (apiType) in the Shared Server Information object.

For more information, see Shared Server Information object.

AS2 Client connector, trading partners 27985NoAdd support for the application/octet-stream content type.

For more information, see:

NOTE: Changes were applied to shared EDI connector code, thereby requiring updates to EDI connectors for all supported standards.
AS2 Shared Server connector 27983NoAdd the MIME type as a document property.

For more information, see AS2 Shared Server connector.

Atom Queue connector 23189YesEnable the listener to honor the maximum listener pool size.
Database connector 29514NoAdd the Enable JDBC Batching option for Send operations as a means of selectively choosing whether to execute batches of SQL statements at the JDBC operation level.

For more information, see Database operation.

Disk (Tech Preview) connector 28485YesFor Create and Upsert operations, add the capability to create parent directories as specified in the connection directory or a document property when the Create directory if it doesn't exist option is selected. Previously, this functionality only created subdirectories.

For more information, see Disk (Tech Preview) operation

Google BigQuery connector26577NoAdd support for the JWT Bearer Token grant type with OAuth 2.0 authentication.

For more information, see Google BigQuery connection.

Google Pub/Sub connector26893NoAdd support for the JWT Bearer Token grant type with OAuth 2.0 authentication.

For more information, see Google Pub/Sub connection.

JMS connector 23190YesEnable the listener to honor the maximum listener pool size.
Radius by Campus Management connector 25547YesImprove the efficiency of the Update operation.
Shopify connector28527NoAdd the ability to set a scope for the connection.

For more information, see Shopify connection.

Shopify connector29496YesUpdate the profile for the Order object for compatibility with the current version of the Shopify API.
SugarCRM REST connector29534YesImprove the performance and efficiency of the Query operation.

For more information, see SugarCRM REST operation.


AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
Atom 19121YesDeploying a listener process that had previously had a Start shape connector action of Get does not result in the removal of the schedules for that process.
Atom 24247YesExecutions discarded by an Atom worker are erroneously shown as Pending in Process Reporting.
Atom 26558YesDeploying what was formerly a listener process as a process with a Start shape connector action of Get does not result in the stopping of previously deployed listener instances.
Atom 28770YesAn error occurs when a process uses a cross reference table with a newly added column if the table had previously been extended with overrides on.
Atom 28939YesDocuments with tracked fields exceeding 32,766 characters are not retrievable in Process Reporting.
Atom, EDIFACT trading partner 6310YesCounters for functional group control number generation are incorrectly named.
Platform 14009NoUpon adding a column to a previously deployed cross reference table that is currently overridden, the table’s rows are not visible in the Extensions dialog.
Platform 21408NoIt is possible to successfully enter an invalid email address when creating a new user in the Setup page’s User Management tab.
Platform 22719NoRefreshing the Process Reporting page causes the tracked field columns for trading partner documents to disappear.
Platform 22867NoThe Cleanse shape erroneously sends a document down the Clean path if its incoming date does not match the format specified in the profile.
Platform 24615NoChanging the source profile in a map deletes default values.
Platform 25960NoA user lacking the requisite roles and privileges can view an execution in Process Reporting by browsing to a URL that contains the execution ID.
Platform 27208NoAn error occurs when a process with extended MLLP Client connection settings is initialized.
Platform 27697NoIf an AS2 Client connection is configured to send data using SHA 256 as the signature digest algorithm for outbound signed messages, outbound messages are received with an SHA 1 signature.
Platform 28065NoSSO users of the session lock and termination feature are immediately locked out after re-authenticating via the identity provider when using a browser with its multi-process feature enabled.
Platform 28320NoDocuments are not reported in Process Reporting for processes with custom tracked fields.
Platform 28574NoThe Export to CSV option in the Extensions dialog does not work for cross reference tables.
Platform 28585NoX12 trading partner documents with their account field set to UNKNOWN_ACCT are not reported in Process Reporting.
Platform 29493NoIntegration pack processes that include environment extensions cannot be manually executed from the Process Reporting page.
Platform 29381No The SAML ForceAuthn flag is erroneously used. With this release, the flag is set to true only when the SSO user unlocks the screen while the session lock and termination feature is enabled. This fix is necessary because some identity providers do not support SAML re-authentication when SSO users attempt to unlock an inactive user session.
Platform, Database connector 25467NoAn error occurs due to erroneous formation of the stored procedure name.
AtomSphere API and Partner API 23635NoEnvironment Extension object updates are not recorded in the audit log.
AtomSphere API and Partner API 25181NoAn error occurs if an Environment Extension object update is requested with componentOverride set to true and no specified value.
AtomSphere API and Partner API 27769NoX12 Connector Record object Query requests return results for non-X12 executions.
AtomSphere API and Partner API 28885NoX12 Connector Record object Query results omit the isaAckStatus and isaAckReport fields.
EDIFACT trading partner 18816YesRe-running EDIFACT documents from the Raw Data tab erroneously does not result in failed executions.
NOTE: This fix was applied to shared EDI connector code, thereby requiring updates to EDI connectors for all supported standards.
EDIFACT trading partner 20239YesAn error occurs when a document is processed if the trading partner is configured with the Use Functional Groups option.
EDIFACT trading partner 26423YesTrading partner documents are erroneously reported as having Ack Requested set to 1 if the Acknowledgment Request (UNB09) option was never selected in the trading partner component.
AS2 Client connector 8316YesAn error occurs when the client did not receive the MDN response from the receiver.
Disk connector 27496YesAn error occurs if the connector is configured to retrieve the contents of a non-existent or inaccessible directory.
HTTP Client connector 24717YesNTLM authentication fails on Microsoft IIS.
HTTP Client connector 25224YesPasswords are not decrypted for network authentication.
Microsoft Dynamics AX connector 19843YesNTLM authentication erroneously fails in a process deployed to an Atom Cloud.
Oracle E-Business connector 28057YesConnections remain open after pool expiration.
Oracle E-Business connector 28502YesThe generated name of a dynamic object TYPE is incompatible with usage of a schema prefix for accessing a PL/SQL object, resulting in an invalid name pattern.
SFTP connector 26369YesProcesses using this connector intermittently fail on Atoms running on Java 1.8.0_121 or later.