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OANDA connector

The OANDA connector allows you to query OANDA’s daily exchange rate data through the OANDA Exchange Rates API.

You can use this connector to integrate OANDA with SaaS-based applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, Oracle E-business Suite, and SAP. By integrating OANDA with your ERP system, you can build sophisticated workflows to automate the data into your system and provide accurate and reliable foreign exchange rate data. Users can obtain daily average foreign exchange rates provided by OANDA for over 38,000 currency pairs, and over 200 currencies, commodities, and precious metals. You can also access exchange rates sourced from 25 central banks and historical currency data back to 1990.

The OANDA connector supports the Query action to retrieve exchange rate data through the OANDA Exchange Rates API and simplifies the implementation for users by handling details of the connection request headers, error handling and more.

NOTE: The documentation for this connector is provided by a Dell Boomi partner. The documentation was last updated in March 2018.

Connector configuration

To configure the connector to query information from the OANDA API, set up two components:

  • OANDA connection
  • OANDA operation

This design provides reusable components for an implementation, which contain connection and operation settings such as Object, Action, and data definitions. After building your connection and operation, set up your connector within a process. When this connector is configured properly within your process, Dell Boomi Integration can map to and from virtually any system using the OANDA connection to query exchange rate data.

Supported OANDA API

The OANDA connector is designed to connect to the OANDA Exchange Rates API.


To implement a connection to OANDA from Boomi Integration:

  • A functional API key is required.
  • Additional requirements, such as a sufficient Quote Limit, are needed for some operations.
NOTE: Get your OANDA API key here with a 30-day trial. For more information about the requirements, see the OANDA Exchange Rates API developer documentation.

Supported objects

The OANDA connector supports the following objects:

  • Currencies

  • Remaining Quotes

  • Rates

  • Rate (XXX)

Tracked properties

This connector has no pre-defined tracked properties. See the topic Adding tracked fields to a connector operation to learn how to add a custom tracked field.

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