Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connector

The Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connector makes it easy to build integrations by simplifying construction to your Azure Storage objects.

Connector configuration

To configure a connector to communicate with Azure, set up two components:

  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connection

  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage operation

This approach creates reusable components which contain connection settings (such as URL, User, Password, Account) and operation settings (such as container). After building your connection and operation, set up your Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connector within a process. When the process is defined properly, AtomSphere can map to and from virtually any system using the Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connector to retrieve data from or send data to the Microsoft Azure Blob Storage application.


To implement a connection to your Microsoft Azure account from AtomSphere, do the following:

  • Have ready your storage account name and access key to access Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

  • Make sure an Atom is deployed on your local machine or hosted with AtomSphere.

  • Check the size of your BLOB. The Azure SDK prevents processing BLOBs larger than 64 MB on an Atom Cloud. If your BLOB is larger than 64 MB, do your processing on a local Atom.

Tracked properties

This connector has no pre-defined tracked properties. See the topic Adding tracked fields to a connector operation to learn how to add a custom tracked field.

Additional resources

Microsoft Azure documentation for information about getting started, managing, designing, building, and operating Azure.

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