Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Hostnames and IP addresses for connecting with Dell Boomi

Your Atom may need to connect to various Clouds/URLs to be in continuous contact with the data center for tracking and status information.

In some situations, no network or firewall configurations are necessary for an Atom, Molecule or Cloud to be able to communicate with Dell Boomi. However, if your network policy blocks all outbound and/or inbound traffic, you need to configure it to allow Atoms, Molecules or Clouds to be installed and for them to communicate with the Dell Boomi platform and to any other external web services. For more information, see Atom Communication Security.

Connecting to Dell Boomi

If you...You need to be able to connect to...Which is...
Are an AtomSphere or MDM user Dell Boomi platform you log into the Dell Boomi Support portal
Want to have programmatic access to functionality that is normally accessed through the AtomSphere or MDM UI AtomSphere API
Install and maintain Atoms, Molecules, or Atom Cloudsthe machine(s) on which they reside need to be able to connect to: Dell Boomi platform Dell Boomi content delivery web service AtomSphere API
Have web services hosted in the Atom Cloud Dell Boomi Atom Cloud
Use test connections and environments in the Test Atom Cloud Dell Boomi Test Atom Cloud
Use the EU Atom Cloud Dell Boomi EU Atom Cloud
Use the ANZ Atom Cloud Dell Boomi ANZ Atom Cloud
Use the MDM Cloud Dell Boomi MDM Atom Cloud
Use the EU MDM Cloud Dell Boomi EU MDM Atom Cloud
Use the ANZ MDM Cloud Dell Boomi ANZ MDM Atom Cloud
Want to use some operations management features of Dell Boomi AtomSphere on your mobile device Boomi Mobile Manage app

Accepting requests from Dell Boomi

If you run integration processes on a Dell Boomi Atom Cloud and send requests to other Internet-based services or applications on your network, then you need to configure each destination to allow incoming traffic from the applicable Dell Boomi hosts.

To accept requests made from...Configure the destination to allow incoming traffic from IP address…
The production Dell Boomi Atom Cloud72.32.154.88
The Dell Boomi platform67.192.139.75
The Dell Boomi “browse” Atoms (which are used by connector operations to browse and import objects)
The Dell Boomi EU Atom Cloud134.213.11.167
The Dell Boomi ANZ Atom Cloud
The Dell Boomi Test Atom Cloud166.78.67.143
The Dell Boomi MDM Atom Cloud166.78.218.148
The Dell Boomi EU MDM Atom Cloud134.213.11.170
The Dell Boomi ANZ MDM Atom Cloud52.63.24.42

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